Providing a different definition for the word CHANGE with real life application.

C=CONTINUOUS. Change is a continuous process. It is not a one-time event. Whether there is a change in any organisation or in the life, it continues.

H=HOPE. Change is all about hoping for the best.Whenever a change is introduced, everyone hopes for good, not the bad.

A=AUDACIOUS. Change is something that requires consistent hard efforts.

N=NECESSARY. Change is an important and necessary part of life. A good life cannot be imagined without any change.

G=GROWTH. As mentioned earlier, change is about getting best and helps in growth and making us great.

E=EXCITING. The last component of this whole process is very exciting as no one knows about what exactly will be the result.

What all we need to do is just think has there been any change in our life as the day passed? Have we learnt something or not? Is there any exciting learning in our life?

Slowly, the days passed, the weeks passed, then the months and years and years and lastly our life ends but we need to think about the positive change in our life and how can we make others do so…..



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