The most popularly used phrase during 2016, as far as India is concerned, is “Surgical Strike”, whether it is a cross border action or it is on currency. Surgical strike is simple, easy to understand and, above all, indicates that brain and brawn have combined to produce results. It also hints at qualities such as team work, meticulous preparation, desired outcomes and success. These qualities are very well proved by both the strikes i.e. across border and within border (on cash). But the question is- Has anything changed??

2016 began with the terrorist attack at Pathankot, followed by other attacks at Uri, Baramulla, Nagrota and claiming hundreds of lives of militants, security forces as well as civilians. And then in answer, there was surgical strike on 29-09-2016 by the Indian Army.

Then there was another on 08-11-2016 on currency notes of the denomination of Rs.500 and Rs.1000. It was done, as proclaimed, to end terrorist funding, corruption and black money.  The queues outside banks and ATMs are still long even after a month. Daily wage earners are not getting their daily wages due to cash crunch. Retailers are not opening their shops because they get Rs. 2000 denominations from banks whereas they need small denominations. Farmers are also suffering. In short, all the sectors of the economy are affected.

Despite all this, no objective is achieved till now.

  • This surgical strike has not ended black money.
  • This has not ended corruption. In fact, there are more incidents of taking and giving bribe.
  • This has not ended terrorist funding as terrorists are also caught with new denominations on LoC.
  • The trucks full of Rs. 2000 currency are apprehended.

I think, it was not hoped by us to end 2016 in this way. Now again, people think ‘old normal’ is better than ‘new normal’.

I would like to hear if there is any suggestion or feedback.


3 thoughts on “2016 Diary

  1. Yes, I agree that this demonetization movement has not been that much successful as it was proclaimed. Duplicate 2000 currency notes are getting founded at many places. Some cases like exchanging old notes for commission have also come into notice. Economy is stagnant. People have not got any relief from the queues yet. Every day, there is a new case of seizing black money in raids….and much more.
    But still hoping a positive change in future following demonetization. Hope that the economy grows, corruption stops and terrorism dies…. ☺️


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