Time Management is Dead.

Don’t you believe it???

It’s true. There is no more time management.

At the end of the year, people start planning about the 2017 resolutions. They start setting their goals, how to be more productive or how to maintain work-life balance.

But they can’t land on their Promised Destinations by managing time. To achieve certain objectives, people have to manage their activities. Note, I said, people should manage activites, not time. We all have 24 hours in a day. There is no such scope that we can use our unutilised hours of Sunday on Monday or we can borrow extra hours from next day. So it’s all about managing our activites well in these 24 hours. Deciding priorities. As the clock ticks, it is gone- it can not be reclaimed.

But here is what we can do and much within our control: choose how to use that time by managing ourselves wisely.

Look, it is actually self management that we seek, rather time management.

Here are some tips on self management to kick off the new year. Go through each one of them and decide (nod your head) what you can follow.

  1. I can concentrate on one thing at a time and avoid ‘task-hopping’.
  2. I set specific deadlines for each task and stick to them.
  3. I set realistic goals and don’t indulge in day dreaming.
  4. I know where to say’no’. I Don’t carry excess burden.
  5. I identify the times of the day when I am more productive and energetic and schedule my most activites for that time and devote maximum energy for the same.
  6. I take regular breaks to refresh and rejuvenate myself.
  7. I prioritise effectively.
  8. I don’t procrastinate.
  9. I don’t get overwhelmed easily because I divide my larger goals into smaller achievable goals.
  10. I devote an hour on Sunday to plan for the coming week and 10 minutes of every day to plan about the whole day keeping in mind the targets set on Sunday

Now I ask you: which of these will you practice moving forward??


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