Crying heart out

One day, I went to a market with my mother. What I experienced there was heart touching. In today’s scenario, when we are talking about digitalization, when we don’t care about spending ₹5 or ₹10, there is a section of the society who is impoverished.

In the chilly winter evening, when common people like to have hot drinks like tea, coffee frequently. These people think more than hundred times to have one.

Yes!! It’s true.

There was a teenage boy selling coriander leaves and green chilly. We were buying from him (so I noticed everything closely). Then there came a tea seller carrying teapot and disposable glasses. He was selling each glass of tea for ₹10. That teenager asked for half cup and thought that it would cost him ₹2.5. He was in the misconception that full glass would cost him ₹5. But the tea seller said, “aadha cup nhi milta. Aadha cup bhi ₹10 mein milega”.

 That boy became sad and requested him to serve him half glass. He said,“Bhai, itni thand h, aadha glass dede. Main ₹5 hi de sakta hu. Aaj abhi boni nhi hui h”.

The tea seller ignored him. He moved on.

Then the boy asked other vegetable sellers to give him credit of ₹5 to have tea. But none supported. People are not able to spend little penny even when rapid development is taking place throughout the world. What an irony!!!!

This touched my heart. Then, my mom gave him ₹10 to get tea. He thanked and blessed us.

It was a very sentimental moment for me. This is for the first time in my life, I have experienced helplessness of people so closely. Till now, I have only heard or read about it.

This incident changed my perspective about life. I, now, ponder whether anything is changing with passage of time or not?? Is development taking place but at what cost?? What does this development mean when the poor people are still poor??

I would like to hear whether you have experienced such thing…..


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