In continuation with my previous post, wherein I narrated the story told by Sages of Sivana to Julian.

Now I would like to highlight the 7 timeless Virtues of Enlightened living and what does they symbolise.

Virtue 1-

Master our mind is symbolised by The Magnificent Garden. If we will cultivate our mind, it will blossom beyond our expectations. Also, the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts. Remember!! There are no mistakes-only lessons.

Virtue 2-

Follow our Purpose is symbolised by The Towering Lighthouse. It says, the purpose of life is a life of purpose. Set clearly defined personal, professional and spiritual goals, and then have the courage to act on them. The power of self examination comes into action.

Virtue 3-

Practice kaizen is symbolised by The Sumo Wrestler. Kaizen is the practice of self-mastery. Self-mastery is the DNA of life mastery. Success on the outside begins within. Try to do the things we fear.

Virtue 4-

Live with discipline is  symbolised by The Pink Wire Cable. As we know, discipline is built by consistently performing small acts of courage. The more we nurture the embryo of self -discipline, the more it will be mature. And, Will-power is the essential virtue of a fully actualised life.

Virtue 5-

Respect our time is symbolised by The Golden Stopwatch. Time is the most precious commodity and it is non renewable too. So, it is our duty to utilise it judiciously. This can be done by focusing on our priorities and maintain balance and simplifying our life.

Virtue 6-

Selflessly serve others is symbolised by The Fragrant Roses. To cultivate the sacredness of each day, we must live to give. The quality of our life ultimately comes down to the quality of our contribution. By elevating the lives of others, our life reaches its highest dimensions. The most noble thing we can do is to give others.

Virtue 7-

Embrace the Present is symbolised by The Path of diamonds. We are all here for some specific reasons. Stop being a prisoner of our past. Become the architect of our future. Live in the “now”. Savor the first of the present. Never sacrifice happiness for achievement because ultimately, we want achievement to be happy. So, never ever sacrifice happiness. Savor the journey and ‘apna har din aise jio, kaise ki aakhri ho (live each day as our last)’.

I am writing this now because I want that whoever read this, he/she will try to make this THE NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. Try atleast once and experience the magnificent results.

I would like to know who all are with me on this new path.


Happy new year in advance.



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