January is the first month of the year. It is the first month having maximum days (31 days).

January is named for the Roman god Janus, protector of gates and doorways. Janus is depicted with two faces, one looking into the past, the other into the future.

But this is not the end. January, the very first month, also signifies how we should enter our new year. This is how it symbolises-

J-Jocund. Be cheerful and in high-spirits. Begin this new year with positive attitude.

A-Abysmal. In this year, have Abysmal attitude. It means that we should be very deep like ocean so that we can absorb whatever comes in our way.

N-Natural. Be yourself. Be natural. Don’t pretend.

U-Unconditional. No demands. No excuses. Don’t put any condition on anything we do. As per Gita,”Karm karo, phal ki chinta mat karo”. Do everything selflessly.

A-Adorable. Be determined to do something that will be adored i.e. highly praised. Most importantly, we should do acts that we ourselves can Adore.

R-Ravishing. Ultimately, our sole purpose in life is to be successful. But success has no meaning if we get it by making someone unhappy. So, we must decide to make people delighted. If our known-to are happy, then only we have got real success.

Y-Young-at-heart. Throughout the year and life too, we should remain young at heart. It is not the age, it is our mind that signals old aging. If we are young in our thoughts, young in our deeds, then we are young even at 90.

This is a simple, but complicated definition of JANUARY. We must work out our best until our signature converts into our autograph….

This is my vision for This month. I would like to know yours…

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Happy new year

May The Year 2017 Bring for You. Happiness,Success and filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends.

Wishing You a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Best regards.

The 7 Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living

The 7 Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living

In continuation with my previous post, wherein I narrated the story told by Sages of Sivana to Julian.

Now I would like to highlight the 7 timeless Virtues of Enlightened living and what does they symbolise.

Virtue 1-

Master our mind is symbolised by The Magnificent Garden. If we will cultivate our mind, it will blossom beyond our expectations. Also, the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts. Remember!! There are no mistakes-only lessons.

Virtue 2-

Follow our Purpose is symbolised by The Towering Lighthouse. It says, the purpose of life is a life of purpose. Set clearly defined personal, professional and spiritual goals, and then have the courage to act on them. The power of self examination comes into action.

Virtue 3-

Practice kaizen is symbolised by The Sumo Wrestler. Kaizen is the practice of self-mastery. Self-mastery is the DNA of life mastery. Success on the outside begins within. Try to do the things we fear.

Virtue 4-

Live with discipline is  symbolised by The Pink Wire Cable. As we know, discipline is built by consistently performing small acts of courage. The more we nurture the embryo of self -discipline, the more it will be mature. And, Will-power is the essential virtue of a fully actualised life.

Virtue 5-

Respect our time is symbolised by The Golden Stopwatch. Time is the most precious commodity and it is non renewable too. So, it is our duty to utilise it judiciously. This can be done by focusing on our priorities and maintain balance and simplifying our life.

Virtue 6-

Selflessly serve others is symbolised by The Fragrant Roses. To cultivate the sacredness of each day, we must live to give. The quality of our life ultimately comes down to the quality of our contribution. By elevating the lives of others, our life reaches its highest dimensions. The most noble thing we can do is to give others.

Virtue 7-

Embrace the Present is symbolised by The Path of diamonds. We are all here for some specific reasons. Stop being a prisoner of our past. Become the architect of our future. Live in the “now”. Savor the first of the present. Never sacrifice happiness for achievement because ultimately, we want achievement to be happy. So, never ever sacrifice happiness. Savor the journey and ‘apna har din aise jio, kaise ki aakhri ho (live each day as our last)’.

I am writing this now because I want that whoever read this, he/she will try to make this THE NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. Try atleast once and experience the magnificent results.

I would like to know who all are with me on this new path.


Happy new year in advance.


Continued…..The monk who sold his Ferrari

Continued…..The monk who sold his Ferrari

This is in continuation with my last writing. So, what Julian actually told John?

Julian told John “the ultimate secret” to lead a successful and happy life, which the Sages of Sivana, residing in the Great Himalayas, told Julian.

This is a story told by Julian, which is as follows-

You are sitting in the middle of a magnificent, lush, green garden. This garden is filled with the most spectacular flowers you have ever seen. The environment is supremely tranquil and silent. Savor the sensual delights of this garden and feel as if you have all the time in the world to enjoy this natural Oasis. As you look around you see that in the center of this magical garden stands a towering, red lighthouse, six stories high. Suddenly, the silence of the garden is disturbed by a loud creaking as the door at the base of the lighthouse opens. Out stumbles a nine-foot-tall, nine-hundred-pound Japanese sumo wrestler who casually wanders into the center of the garden.

As this sumo wrestler starts to move around the garden, he finds a shiny stopwatch which someone had left behind many years earlier. He slips it on, and falls to the ground with an enormous thud. The sumo wrestler is rendered unconscious and lies there, silent and still. Just when you think he has taken his last breath, the wrestler awakens, perhaps stirred by the fragrance of some fresh yellow roses blooming nearby. Energized, the wrestler jumps swiftly to his feet and intuitively looks to his left. He is startled by what he sees. Through the bushes at the very edge of the garden he observes a long winding path covered by millions of sparkling diamonds. Something seems to instruct the wrestler to take the path, and to his credit, he does. This path leads him down the road of everlasting joy and eternal bliss.

Now the question arises- what does this story imply??

Have patience and wait for my next writings..:D☺

Till then, identify the various symbols in the above story which provide any indication for blissful life.

Waiting for your responses!!!

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Book Review- “The Monk who Sold his Ferrari”

Book Review- “The Monk who Sold his Ferrari”

“A captivating story that teaches as it delights.” -Paul Coelho, author of The Alchemist.

Yeah!!! A great novel which I completed reading yesterday.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a self-help book about the development of character and the discipline in life by Robin Sharma, a writer and leadership guru. It conveys a message that one should also live his life freely in spite of working all day.

The book develops around two characters, Julian Mantle and his best friend John, in the form of conversation. Julian narrates his spiritual experiences during a Himalayan journey which he undertook after selling his holiday home and red Ferrari. A  successful trial lawyer, Julian collapsed from a heart attack while arguing a case in court, and his lengthy recovery led him to seek a spiritual path in the Himalayan mountains after receiving wise and practical lessons which brought drastic changes in his life.

This is just the beginning. In my further writings, I will tell you what Julian actually told John that transformed his life and may transform yours too.

So,  keep reading!!

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Crying heart out

One day, I went to a market with my mother. What I experienced there was heart touching. In today’s scenario, when we are talking about digitalization, when we don’t care about spending ₹5 or ₹10, there is a section of the society who is impoverished.

In the chilly winter evening, when common people like to have hot drinks like tea, coffee frequently. These people think more than hundred times to have one.

Yes!! It’s true.

There was a teenage boy selling coriander leaves and green chilly. We were buying from him (so I noticed everything closely). Then there came a tea seller carrying teapot and disposable glasses. He was selling each glass of tea for ₹10. That teenager asked for half cup and thought that it would cost him ₹2.5. He was in the misconception that full glass would cost him ₹5. But the tea seller said, “aadha cup nhi milta. Aadha cup bhi ₹10 mein milega”.

 That boy became sad and requested him to serve him half glass. He said,“Bhai, itni thand h, aadha glass dede. Main ₹5 hi de sakta hu. Aaj abhi boni nhi hui h”.

The tea seller ignored him. He moved on.

Then the boy asked other vegetable sellers to give him credit of ₹5 to have tea. But none supported. People are not able to spend little penny even when rapid development is taking place throughout the world. What an irony!!!!

This touched my heart. Then, my mom gave him ₹10 to get tea. He thanked and blessed us.

It was a very sentimental moment for me. This is for the first time in my life, I have experienced helplessness of people so closely. Till now, I have only heard or read about it.

This incident changed my perspective about life. I, now, ponder whether anything is changing with passage of time or not?? Is development taking place but at what cost?? What does this development mean when the poor people are still poor??

I would like to hear whether you have experienced such thing…..

Time Management is Dead.

Don’t you believe it???

It’s true. There is no more time management.

At the end of the year, people start planning about the 2017 resolutions. They start setting their goals, how to be more productive or how to maintain work-life balance.

But they can’t land on their Promised Destinations by managing time. To achieve certain objectives, people have to manage their activities. Note, I said, people should manage activites, not time. We all have 24 hours in a day. There is no such scope that we can use our unutilised hours of Sunday on Monday or we can borrow extra hours from next day. So it’s all about managing our activites well in these 24 hours. Deciding priorities. As the clock ticks, it is gone- it can not be reclaimed.

But here is what we can do and much within our control: choose how to use that time by managing ourselves wisely.

Look, it is actually self management that we seek, rather time management.

Here are some tips on self management to kick off the new year. Go through each one of them and decide (nod your head) what you can follow.

  1. I can concentrate on one thing at a time and avoid ‘task-hopping’.
  2. I set specific deadlines for each task and stick to them.
  3. I set realistic goals and don’t indulge in day dreaming.
  4. I know where to say’no’. I Don’t carry excess burden.
  5. I identify the times of the day when I am more productive and energetic and schedule my most activites for that time and devote maximum energy for the same.
  6. I take regular breaks to refresh and rejuvenate myself.
  7. I prioritise effectively.
  8. I don’t procrastinate.
  9. I don’t get overwhelmed easily because I divide my larger goals into smaller achievable goals.
  10. I devote an hour on Sunday to plan for the coming week and 10 minutes of every day to plan about the whole day keeping in mind the targets set on Sunday

Now I ask you: which of these will you practice moving forward??